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NATURAL PONDS: what does natural mean?

The phrase "natural pond" has become quite the marketing buzz word in the pond construction business lately by a very wide range of pond construction contractors and pond supply marketers. In common language use, words can often take on meaning simply from the pervasiveness of their use. This is the reason we want to take a position in the definition of natural ponds. We prefer the etymological definition over the oft abused use of the phrase by marketers.

We ask the readers of this page: what does natural mean to you in the realm of ponds and waterfeatures?

  • Does natural mean a biological filter?
  • Does it mean a UV sterilizer/filter?
  • Does it mean a pond or waterfeature sealed in plastic or rubber?
  • Do natural ponds need additives like bacteria?
  • Does it mean a natural pond needs to look very real and not simply a pile of rocks and barkdust?
  • Should natural ponds need to have water changes or annual cleaning? Should a natural pond clean itself or should the owner have to keep it clean?
  • Finally, should natural ponds use invasive plants like parrots feather, etc?
natural ponds and natural fish ponds by Biologists

Natural ponds should look like a natural pond straight from the forest.

As Biologists who have spent our careers studying and experimenting with the behavior of natural ponds and lakes. We hold ourselves and our projects to the highest standards of natural pond aesthetics and function. The better designed and more naturally functioning the pond, the lower the effort and expense will be incurred to maintain it.

We lead busy lives like most people so we have very little interest in maintaining a pond. This is why we have worked hard to develop very efficient and natural pond designs. Knowledge and design are so much more convenient and powerful than continually having to maintain a pond. Natural clear ponds in the wild do not have a maintenance crew, so neither should ours.

Natural Ponds and natural fish ponds design by Biologists

We think waterfalls should look very natural as well.

  natural swimming pond construction with Biologists

Natural waterfeatures are much more soothing when there is no evidence of human involvement.

We suggest a cautious attitude towards most pond contractors who make the claim their ponds are natural unless they can prove they have no need for the filters, additives and equipment. The proof is in the performance!

Read more on natural pond subjects like natural Pond Plants and Origins of natural ponds and lakes. The Natural Pond Planning and Design , Natural Pond Myths and Pond Liners pages.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of bringing your water to life!

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Natural ponds and lakes and Natural fish do not need to be fed or eat fish pellets, Natural pond design by Biologists exhibit very natural pond aesthetics and colorful fish. Natural also means the pond cleans itself. The you want a pond habitat that looks real or contrived?

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Natural Landscape ponds and lakes by Biologists are more natural looking and functioning than habitats that landscape architects are building. Natural landscape water features are inspired by nature, not suburban parks. Natural landscaping means natural materials and not synthetics, plastic or rubber. Aquatic landscaping for natural aesthetics is what we specialize in. Ponds and Lakes and Ponds Earth Ponds & Earth Ponds Sourcebook recommendation Garden Ponds: Natural Garden Ponds by Biologists Last change 7/13/09 5pm