By Biologists. subjects: Farm Pond Construction, farm pond design. fishing and fish pond construction and design by professional fishery biologists helps clients save on farm pond construction & pond management, making a much higher quality farm pond or lake. To us, pond building means building the finest fishing ponds, fish ponds, farm ponds, fish farm ponds, swimming ponds & water features, through biology. Farm ponds & managing farm ponds by aquatic biologists.

Farm Pond Construction

A guide to pond construction and ponds by Aquatic Biologists.

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natural swimming ponds by Biologists
Our pond construction techniques stand out. When you see other ponds then see a Spring Creek designed pond,you'll see the difference. Our pond construction techniques have been fine tuned with 30 years of scientific experience. pond construction goes beyond engineering; it takes fishery biologists / pond consultants. Washington ponds, California ponds, Idaho ponds. building a pond


The Challenge:
Farm ponds are thought by many to be simple basins to hold water and offer some recreation. As such very few farm ponds are built with sufficient forethought to be successful for the long term without expensive rebuilding or succumbing to a great deal of work and expense to maintain. The "pond of a lifetime" too often becomes the pond of the decade or two. Most farm ponds fail due to siltation and choking with weeds. These problems are easily avoided via forethought and quality farm pond design.

We are Biologists who design natural farm ponds fishing ponds and clear water natural swimming ponds by using creative scientific techniques and practical experience in creating the most cost effective farm ponds possible from a recreational, economic and aesthetic aspect. Forethought and Knowledge are our primary tools. This website is full of practical and technical information to help clarify your understanding of farm ponds and their challenges of:

  • Optimizing farm pond construction cost*
  • Farm pond water quality and nutrient issues
  • Farm pond siltation
  • Preventing flood damage
  • farm pond dam safety and cost reduction
  • Weed control in farm ponds
  • Farm pond water supply issues
  • Farm ponds for fishing ponds and other recreational uses
  • Fire prevention ponds
  • Maximizing the life of a farm pond

* including future savings of dredging and restoration expense wasted on poorly designed ponds.

Thoughtful farm pond design is going to address each of these issues to provide the most cost effective farm pond for a clean water supply, quality recreation and the longest possible life of the pond.

A quality farm pond design will prevent pond dredging, dam rebuilding and most ongoing farm pond maintenance issues. There are way too many poorly designed farm ponds that require dredging every decade. We design farm ponds to last lifetimes without dredging.

When we discuss farm ponds, we are usually talking about a less demanding set of goals than our other work in swimming ponds, trout ponds, landscape ponds and fishing lakes where we sharply focused on investing in water clarity and aesthetics. In designing farm ponds we are not as demanding of our water supply because high quality well water or spring water is rarely available for most farm ponds. We do design farm ponds for clean safe water; they are just not as crystal clear as our other pond and lake designs.

The Next Steps:

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