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List of States we design build trophy fishing & trout ponds:

Oregon, Washington, southern to northern California, Colorado, Montana, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, North Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho, Georgia, Virginia, Connecticut, Missouri, Maine, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, West Virginia, New Mexico, In Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec.
: cool, clear and clean water is a very valuable resource as are the creatures that live there. Clear water trout ponds, lakes and streams are the quintessential expression of clean waters. Spring Creek is a group of Aquatic Biologists who excel in creating the most natural trout lakes, ponds and streams. Our trout habitat designs range from small landscape or garden trout ponds up to one-hundred acre trophy fly fishing lakes and streams. Clients across North America seek us out for anything from phone consultations for specific issues, to site inspections, complete trout habitat design and lake design-build to ensure every detail is perfect.

Our science based trout pond and lake designs produce all the ideal qualities of the perfect trout lake: larger fish, cleaner, oxygen rich water, optimum growing temperatures, clear water, greatly reduced maintenance and a much more natural and beautiful body of water. They will also significantly improve your property value. The alternative to quality trout pond design is either defaulting to stocking warm water fish or succumbing to ongoing lake maintenance that encompasses a significant annual expense. A well designed trout lake will not only save in maintenance, but it will greatly extend the life of your trout pond or lake.

TROUT IN WARM WATER PONDS. Many thousands of warm water fishing ponds can be converted to trout habitat with a bit of help from our quiver of knowledge. In poorly designed ponds, stocking trout will fail if the water reaches roughly 70 ° F. The trout in lakes and ponds of our designs have exceeded 80 ° F temperatures. While this is not consistent with popular publications, we have spent our careers exceeding common knowledge. It is best to record temperatures of existing ponds during late summer, but we have enough of a knowledge base to make a judgement call after we know a bit about your existing waters.

We have worked with many "do it yourself" scenarios to build trophy trout environments. If the client can follow instruction detail and is competent on heavy construction equipment, we can supply the blueprint to a great trout pond. This avoids those painful words " I wish I met you before I built this pond the first time". While an ordinary irrigation or stock pond may be a simple venture, a real trout habitat is absolutely nothing like those simple bodies of water.

Trout are very demanding of quality aquatic habitat. Lakes and ponds designed for trout are easily the most difficult yet rewarding fish habitats to design and build. Each site has a set of unique circumstances that must be addressed in order to achieve successful trout habitat. Combining the desire for clear water and trophy size trout makes the pond design that much more challenging. After we identify what is missing in your location, we create a pond design to address the deficiency and the result in a completely naturally functioning trout environment. We improve the biology, geology, chemistry, geography, and physics of aquatic environments. Getting the sun to shine more often is the only element beyond our control. When the trout lake design and construction come together with careful guidance, the results are incredible.

Species of Fish for Stocking Trout Ponds




Adult Size



Scientific Name

Rainbow Trout 






Oncorhynchus mykiss

Brook Trout      






Salvelinus fontinalis

Brown Trout     






Salmo trutta

 Cutthroat Trout 






Oncorhynchus clarkii

Knowledge of habitat by itself is not sufficient for the best trout stream, lake and pond designs. We work with a wide range of trout and salmon, which are threatened and endangered species. Trout pond design and genetic stocks of trout are matched together in order to ensure your project's success.

EXPERIENCE AND CREATIVITY. With over twenty-five years of biological experience and creative problem solving across North America, along with the practical construction experience, we provide you with scientific and practical solutions to build trout pond habitats correctly the first time. Because of our uniquely effective trout habitat designs, we build trout ponds, streams and lakes all across North America, including some very surprising southern locations. Our projects have ranged from trout in small landscape ponds, up to large lakes and analyses of entire watersheds. We have a great deal of experience pushing the limits of temperature tolerance of trout. We have developed a range of creative methods to accomplish what many will claim is not possible. From decadess of experience, we know what is required. If we do not believe it can be done, we will happily give you a conservative assessment. Your successful trout habitat is too important to our business.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE LATELY? We recently completed a small trout pond project in the searing heat of central California. While we ensure success by layering additional design features, we did not have to go to the nth degree to achieve success on this project. Again we learned how to push the boundaries of possibility even further via this experience.

click for a larger map. A new page will open Our clients know what they want in a trout pond. Usually the answer is: everything. Clear water, trophy size trout, beaches, natural beauty and low maintenance. We rely on our wealth of experience across the continent to deliver and exceed those goals. We may add a beach for families or a stream large enough to catch over-sized trout on very light tackle. We will blend our creative solutions with your dreams to build an outdoor recreation dream for not just the trout fisherman, but everyone who enjoys cool clean natural water.

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We have an outline for your use to plan and carry out your project with as much or little help as you require from us. Spend some time looking through our aquatic PLANNING GUIDE to assist you in developing the best aquatic habitat possible. Be sure to visit our TECHNICAL FAQs page for answers to your important questions.

Looking for pond, lake or waterfront property? Take a look at our new PROPERTY LISTING PAGE to locate or sell existing prime property for aquatic habitats. If you are in the real estate market with particular interests in waterfront properties, spend some time reading the WATERFRONT and LAKE PROPERTY BUYERS GUIDE to evaluate river and lake front properties.

IN THE NEWS: Our Senior Fishery Biologist was the Technical Advisor for an important new trophy trout fishing book titled: Big Trout. This book will not only change the way you think of chasing trophy trout.

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Trout Habitat

Habitat design by Biologists who design trout habitat for sensitive or threatened species of trout ask about our wild trout habitat on private land refuge project. Main topics: trout fishing property for sale. Property on a trout stream for sale. fly fishing property lake property & waterfront real estate for sale. Each listings for trout fishing property / properties / land are located in the following states: Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, California, Wyoming, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania. We are Biologists who design natural trophy trout habitat without any need for artificial " trophy trout " from trout hatcheries in habitat development or creation. We design and improve natural habitat on wild trout streams. Enhancement of trout streams by Fishery Biologists use non invasive techniques to create and improve quality of trout streams - not all trout streams need a bulldozer to help them. We hold a deep understanding of trout streams. Wild Trout lake construction designed & developed by Fishery Biologists who design completely natural trout lakes, manage and build trout lakes to produce trophy size trout without stocking large hatchery trout. Note;changed h1 in the section compartment to h2 hid on 9/12

Rainbow trout ponds

Trophy rainbow trout ponds for fishing that feature clear water for excellent fly fishing for rainbow trout ponds lakes and streams . These are Naturally spawning or reproducing rainbow trout in ponds built and designed by Biologists. Rainbow trout pond construction and design by Fishery Biologists for trophy rainbow trout habitat in clear water ponds lakes and rainbow trout streams featuring habitat for mayflies, stoneflies, damsel flies, dragonflies and fresh water shrimp. Within the rainbow group, we include redband trout as a subspecies although the majority of redband trout are wild and not available from hatcheries. Redband trout are a more inland subspecies to their coastal rainbow trout relatives.

brook trout ponds

Our Biologists create Trophy size Brook trout ponds with clear water offering pristine fly fishing in natural trophy brook trout ponds lakes and streams. We build naturally spawning brook trout in ponds by Fishery Biologists. The designs use the best in Trophy Brook trout pond construction and design featuring fishing for colorful spawning brook trout in clean clear water ponds brook trout streams and lakes.

brown trout ponds

Brown trout habitat ponds are designed with brown trout's nocturnal piscivorous nature in mind. These are not for the casual trout pond fishing experience since trophy size brown trout are most active late at night when most fishermen have retired to bed. Due to their fish eating nature, brown trout might be more closely compared with large mouth bass, than rainbow trout since brown trout turn to eating bait fish at a smaller size than do rainbow trout.

Cutthroat trout ponds

Trophy cutthroat trout pond habitat runs a wider range than any other species of trout since cutthroat trout species have existed longer, they have developed into many more subspecies and life histories to take advantage of more habitats. For instance Lahontan cutthroat trout are highly piscivorous and evolved in very alkaline desert lakes. West slope cutthroat trout ponds are designed for trout that eat mostly insects.

Types of Trout Ponds

Spring Fed Trout Ponds

spring fed ponds are the most temperature stable with the fewest problems.

Run off fed Trout Ponds

Runoff ponds need the highest level of design help.

Trout farm ponds

murky water of farm ponds creates a challenge for trout survival.

Trout fishing ponds

catch and keep or catch and release. Fee fishing ponds for trout are common.

Fly fishing ponds

trout ponds design for fly fishing with insect hatches and trophy trout. fish pond construction building lakes building lakes farm pond construction building ponds fish ponds

Trout ponds for residential trout ponds in developments by Biologists

garden or backyard trout ponds for natural landscaping. pond construction