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For spring trout fishing in lakes look for two factors 1) warmer water and 2) food. There is one simple way to do this: fish the downwind end of the lake. Both the warmer water and feed will drift downwind and the fish will follow! In many cases this is the northeast shore. Watch the weather patterns for the area for several days before your trip. Know the direction of the prevailing winds or ask locally when you arrive. There is an exception to this idea when a large spring enters a lake or river. If the spring causes an area that stays warmer than the mid 40 F range, it will hold active fish all winter. Secret springs are the best since well known springs usually have a float-fest going on above them. We used to fish a secret spring on a lake in central Oregon. A reel with a silent drag was a very nice tool when fishing in stealth mode.

If you remember anything, remember this: trout are slowwwww in cold water until they are hooked. If you are fishing streamers make sure they have a trailing hook because the tail of the fly is exactly where the fish is going to hit almost every time in cold water. every fishing vest and tackle box has to also have a small metal file. Slow fish equals slow strikes so those hooks must be very sharp to stick and give the fisherman longer to detect a soft strike. Hooks are sharp enough when they will stay on your fingernail while hanging from their point. We sharpen our hooks in a blade shape since it penetrates very well and is more durable than a fine point. ... see you this summer with tactics for warm water.
... bye the way, if you catch a big fish, you better email us at least a six-pack!

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Learn tactics for catching trophy size freshwater fish from the Fishery Biologists who build trophy trout habitat.


It's a serious question! We find so many people just grab their fishing rods, run out to the nearest lake and site there wishin' for fish. Why would you do that? Wouldn't it be better to think ahead and know where the fish will be and what they will be doing? Sure, you can check the local fishing report, but those reports are from the average "wishing for fish" fishermen. Do you want to be one of them or do you want to be the Trophy Hunter? Sure, that 50 zillion dollar bass boat with the HD fish finder and the broadband internet connection to the coast guard and national weather service will help you catch more fish, but so will a $8.99 stream thermometer and a ball of twine!

While the dude with the nascar emblazoned fishing jacket can cut cookies in a bathtub with his new boat, a little knowledge may put in just the right position on a little known lake with your rod bent and a cheesy grin on your face because of the billions of "wishin' fishermen" out there, you are the only one in the know!

You remember that 10 second trout fishing tip we shared up above? We were sitting at an Oregon State Baseball game (GO BEAVS!) recently and in between cussing the ump, a fellow fan started talking fishing at &#@^@#^# lake (we might be cheesy, but we ain't easy!). That lake is NOT known for trout, but he talked about using our technique and he caught trout after trout that were several pounds each. He was not Richy Rich with a chartreuse bass boat and babe in matching bikini. He was just a regular guy! But the difference was he was catching irregular size trout! So what was his secret? He listened to us and planned ahead. He HUNTED his prey.

Think about your next fishing trip now. Where will the fish be? What was the weather over the preceding week? Will that lake or stream even be your best choice? We can't stress enough the importance of becoming the Trout Hunter! Keep checking back as we add more thoughts as time permits. In the meantime remind us to tell you about one of our favorite dry fly fishing spots next to a county road. That is the place we listen for the cars coming and toss our fly rods in the grass so no one sees we are fishing over chunky rainbow trout where no one knows they even exist.


A New TROPHY Fishing Book

"BIG TROUT" - Ok so what if we did help write this book... it's still the best book to come out in a long time! You DO want to catch TROPHY size TROUT don't you? ... we thought so!   While this book was written with trout as the model, what you learn will apply to most predatory fish that rely on sight for hunting. For example, largemouth bass, small mouth bass, pike, and striped bass fishermen will gain just as much from this book as the dyed in the wool trout fly fisherman will. And NO, we don't make a penny off the books. We have just been fishing so long that we love to brag!... first about fish and now about books.

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