Robinwood Park in West Linn Oregon Memorial Wildflower Garden for Catherine Kay Kerr

Love you Mom. Sorry if we embarrass you with all this attention!
You deserve it all! And more here .

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A Natural Habitat of Native Flowers Dedicated to Mothers Everywhere
Wildflower Garden for Mom

A wildflower garden to benefit West Linn and Lake Oswego residents and visitors in the memory of Catherine Kerr.


We are planning to create a wildflower garden in memory of Catherine Kerr who once owned the property now enjoyed by all at Robinwood Park in West Linn Oregon. We hope to create a peaceful and beautiful garden of native wildflowers for the benefit of all Mothers, neighbors, friends and visitors to enjoy. Catherine was our Mom so we know she would love the idea of so many Mothers enjoying the beauty of this garden as they watch over their children at play.

Please join us at Our Lady of The Lake Catholic Church in Lake Oswego Oregon to celebrate Catherine's life and spirit on June 8, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. There will be a reception following the funeral at the church hall.


The concept for the garden is to create a natural setting where wildflowers can show their true beauty that Kay loved so much. So much of our inspiration to create natural beauty came straight from Mom and this piece of land. This will not be the usual garden. This will be a real habitat that looks and functions like those special places in the Columbia Gorge or in the Cascade Mountains. Imagine a natural setting usually seen only by traveling to the mountains, but this will be right in the backyard of your neighborhood.


Join us to be the catalyst for a beautiful future on this land. We intend to start small knowing the beauty of what we create together will grow to attract more interest and more involvement over time. What may begin as a single small element can become acres of natural beauty.

While donations for supplies are appreciated, what we really desire is to have friends, loved ones and the entire community to join together for a day or two or a couple hours of sharing and working together with a few shovels and wheelbarrows to create a tribute of love for someone who loved so much. If you cannot lift a shovel, bring your heart to share and maybe your grand kids to dig. They will gain so much from this experience. Not only will you gain new friends, but we will be there to personally answer your questions about creating natural settings. This will be a learn while you give and get while you share experience!

This page will show a bit of what is possible from a small to elaborate garden, depending on your response. Kay belonged to every garden club she could join including the West Linn Garden Club and the Lake Oswego / Lake Grove Garden Club. So many of the plants she provided to benefit the plant sales for each garden club came from this property and our historic family homestead in the mountains near McMinnville Oregon.

As a side note, for a long time we have viewed most parks as lacking in natural beauty. This is our way to show what an inspirational place your local park can be. It is very fitting that our Mom carries the banner for more naturally beautiful parks for all. Most parks provide recreation, but they can also be very healing, inspirational places.

Here is the perfect setting for Catherine's garden. This big leaf maple is the Teeter Totter Tree. It resembles a teeter totter; it also stands next to the site of our childhood teeter totter made from an old log. This tree perfectly portrays the resilence of nature and that of our Mom. Even though it fell-over long ago, it still finds ways to stand against time. It has provided a home to beautiful ferns, along with shade and comfort to visitors for most of a century. This is part of the inspiration we hope to share with this wildflower garden.



Looking closer, there is already a nice group of bleeding hearts here. With better nuturing from the soil, these wildflowers will increase their color and bloom far longer than in other settings.







There is another wonderful place next to the kids splash area and play ground where parents, especially Mothers, already sit as their children play. This spot surrounds where Moms watch over their kids at play. It is a perfect place to lend the soothing beauty of nature to a busy Mother's life. We can see this becoming a very popular spot to visit. We can also see more than a few Moms taking a couple minutes to help maintain the wildflower garden.

This page is being created bit by bit as we prepare for her funeral. To begin we wanted to share a few images of what can become a wonderful natural setting.

Wildflower Garden for Mom

These are just a few of the native wildflowers we plan to live in this habitat.

Adding a stream or pond may pose a challenge due to the need for electricity and maintenance. Our current thought is a natural setting framed with fallen trees' rock and plants to include a nurse log which is a very fitting tribute to a Mother in the way it nourishes generations of life. With enough support from society and the City of West Linn, this garden can grow beyond its original idea. It could spread throughout the park as we find more places for more species of wildflowers. We will be here to support and guide it with thought and love every step of the way. The image below is the same setting as the photo at the top of the page with the water and waterfall included.

If your life is too hectic to get involved, we bet you know someone who would love to take part in this. Please share this with all the Mothers, Fathers and people you know who love their Moms!


The wildflower garden is now approved by the City of West Linn! We are moving into the design phase and will keep everyone informed of the first opportunity to bring your shovels to dig a bit and share the love of nature with the entire community.

We anticipate most of the digging to be conducted late this summer into October. Wildflower seed goes into the ground in Winter 2020. The first blossoms will begin appearing in early spring of 2020.

The West Linn Tidings wrote an article about our plans for this wildflower garden . They did not include a link to this page, but you can by adding in the comment section at the bottom of the article. Yes, that is a hint.

Join our mailing list to be kept up to date for the garden. You have our assurance your information will remain private.

We will also make announcements on FaceBook to let you all know when to join us


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Wildflower Garden for Mom

There may be no greater love than the love for your Mother.
Catherine Joan Kerr January 2, 1925 to May 11, 2019