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Fly fishing and flyfishing lakes design by a Fishery Biologist. Fly fishing lake construction including lake management plus lake management advice. lake design and fly fishing lake designers. fishing lake construction. trout lakes. lake building such as building a lake in oregon. building lakes, we are building lakes across america. oregon trout lakes and california trout lakes. stocking trout lakes. north american lake management. oregon trout fishing in trophy trout lakes. washington trout fishing and california trout fishing lakes. Biologists design lake construction producing lake construction advantages with a biologist saves significantly. lake construction help from aquatic biologists who help with lake construction budgeting help via our experience building a lake and building a lake for fishing with fishery biologist help. Lake management assistance, lake management guide. Lake construction contractors or lake excavation contractors. lake excavation assistance from biologists.
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Fishery Biologists for: fly fishing, flyfishing lakes, lake construction, or building lakes, in colorado, wisconsin, maine, vermont, new hampshire, new york, indiana, north carolina, georgia, idaho, wyoming, montana, utah, michigan, minnesota, connecticut, massachusetts, pennsylvania, new jersey, virginia, texas & canada. lake construction tips & design from Fishery Biologists & lake construction contractors. Lake contractors. Build a lake. info on how to build a lake. build a lake with help from biologists.

click for a larger map. A new page will open Fly fishermen often have great vision of how a pristine lake should appear. We have the experience and techniques to bring those visions to fruition and exceed them. Our fly fishing lake construction techniques often include beaches, trout spawning streams, streams large enough to fish and even float. We build features into every lake for fishing, swimming and relaxing. Blending a shared vision of the ultimate fishing lake and executing that plan is our focus. We are always stretching the possibilities.

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fish ponds, swimming ponds, water features, fishing ponds & garden ponds - additional information.

IN THE NEWS: We have been pushing the possibilities again with a small trout pond project in the searing heat of central California. We continue to push the possible locations of quality trout habitat.

Our Senior Fishery Biologist was the Technical Advisor for a new trophy trout fishing book: Big Trout . This book may improve your approach to chasing trophy trout by clearly sharpening your focus on the where, when and how of fishing these elusive fish.

Spend some time reading through the PLANNING GUIDE to assist you in developing the best aquatic habitat possible. Be sure to visit our TECHNICAL FAQs page for answers to your technical lake construction questions.

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Fishing Lakes design by Biologists: Trophy Fishing Lakes

Biologists who design trophy fishing lakes for resorts and building fly fishing lakes for trout fishing or for fish ponds. Biologists for fly Fishing Lake Construction. building a lake designs for Trophy fishing lakes. Fly fishing lakes are very different than other man made lake designs. Fishing lakes design encompasses the goal of growing large fish as well as natural aesthetics in the lake habitat. Fly fishing lake designers should be Aquatic Biologists who understand the biology of the lake and fish as well as the excavation aspects of lake construction. We also design naturally appearing swim pools as well as smaller trophy brook trout ponds All of our ponds have natural clay seals for liners. lake & pond property & waterfront property - lakefront land with ponds for sale fishing ponds Our smaller fish pond construction designs came from our trophy trout habitat building experience. All of this is based on decades as a fishery biologist with freshwater ponds and lakes including nearly 50 years of exposure to private pond habitat on our own land. We had a couple of small natural trout ponds where many secrets were learned through a lifetime of observation. building ponds is such a broad phenomena from a mud hole to pristine clear water. farm pond construction there are millions of these waters across America.

Fly Fishing Lakes for Sale & Fishing Lake property for Sale.

Fly fishing property for sale where we have designed the lakes. Trout fishing properties for sale are highly variable in quality. Fishing property is very specific in its quality. Buyers must be keenly aware of the fishing property quality of experience or ask for help in assessing the quality of fly fishing property - trout fishing land for sale It's interesting how we all inspect and analyse real estate elements from plumbing to the health of the building, but when was the last time someone was aware enough to employ a Biologist to look at the actual lake water? Our Waterfront and lake property guide gives you a start in your quest for lake land. For smaller bodies of water start by reading our page of tips for natural pond construction this introduction to creating and building lakes will start with the planning and correct questions.