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Pond Design: the bigger picture

The theme of this site is to help people consider the many larger aspects of pond and lake design that do not present themselves at first glance. There are so many offers to sell you something to create the "perfect" pond that people often lose sight of their main goal in that confusing array of technical details of all those "miracle offers".

Designing a pond begins well before the technical elements are ever addressed, it begins with a much broader vision drawn from the emotions of the property owner. Familiarity and memories often paint desires to recreate a scene that once brought great joy or fun. Perhaps it was the memory of fleeting moments of great beauty that were indelibly imprinted during some vacation from long ago. Maybe it was a visit to an old family farm or a high mountain adventure of a lifetime. No matter the origin of the memories what remains is a desire to live them again or at least be reminded of them. What if you could live in that wilderness setting of ice clear water reflecting the fire red of indian paintbrush tucked under the ominous presence a glaciated peak from that photograph you took so long ago?

You might not be able to live in the shadow of that mountain, yet, through thoughtful design, you can have most of those magical natural elements if you carefully plan and design a body of water to capture the exhilarating beauty of those special moments. Designing a quality pond, lake or stream goes well beyond the obvious goals of keeping the water clean and easy to maintain. Clear water evokes strong emotions that draws people's emotions. The texture and color of rocks, flowers, sand and plants both above and below the waterline create the most beautiful of artforms: nature, the art you can live within.

Every good project is preceded with a design which in turn is preceded by a plan which ultimately begins with your idea or vision. Start with your vision and do not allow that vision to be limited by what you see around you. The best lake and pond designers should be able to break almost every "rule" you have ever heard about aquatic habitats. The vast majority of those "rules" are simply saying that particular pond designer does not know how to get past the barriers that limit the designer. We know this because we have broken our own rules and barriers many times and will continue to do so.

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You may start your quest by looking at the man made ponds and lakes in your area, but do not limit your imagination. Spend some time around natural waters and remember those special elements of the waters from your memories. Let those be the goals for your new pond design. Perhaps that looming mountain will not be conveniently recreated in the reflection of your pond, but a small rock outcrop on the far side of the pond can present an economical substitute.

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The best pond designs do more than create beauty; they can improve personal well being and provide what we call the vacation at home lifestyle. Even the smallest of well built ponds can decompress the mind and soothe emotions while connecting people to the larger world.

Concepts of the lake and pond design process are revealed throughout this site. Continue your tour with

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The best lake construction contractors and pond designers see the big picture. The best aquatic garden designer will be a Biologist who understands the entire natural pond ecosystem and not just some simple concepts in common use in today's ponds. The best minds in pond architecture can look down the line for decades to understand how all natural ponds or aquatic water garden will respond to a a varied range and styles of pond design. The foundation for the entire process of creating natural pond or water features or fishing pond construction begins at the foundation or the pond seal, pond liners affect the entire finished habitat, so choose wisely. This is more important when it comes to lake construction companies. Knowledge is critical when undertaking the huge job of building lakes for fishing, swimming, water skiing and boating. For those in the waterfront real estate market, consider our advice for lakefront real estate and lake property - land with lakes for sale Some might think clear ponds don't grow big fish, but this is not the case with our designs of fishing ponds that optimize fish production and water quality. Now its time to go fishing with trout fly fishing tips fishery biologists NOTE: changed to the H2 class=hid heading from what was an H1 on 8.21.14