Pond construction by Biologists

for clear natural pond construction from fish pond construction to trophy fishing pond construction. We are pond construction Biologists who specialize in completely natural pond construction techniques. Natural pond construction is not simply laying out a plastic sheet and connecting a little water fall filter. Nor does it mean annual pond cleaning.

natural pond construction

Biologists techniques for clear water fishing pond construction and clear Natural Ponds including fish ponds, fishing ponds landscape ponds.

Pond Construction

A guide to pond construction and ponds by Aquatic Biologists.

We work as your advocate instead of being product sales people who claim to be your "consultant". With our knowledge and proprietary techniques developed to eliminate maintenance and equipment, you get the best pond for the dollar. You will not be purchasing anything from us except our knowledge to minimize your expenses while developing the highest quality ponds. Pond construction in Maine, California, Colorado, Vermont, new hampshire, pennsylvania, north carolina, montana, minnesota, iowa, oregon, washington, wisconsin, georgia, virginia. Pond construction and pond design assistance from Aquatic Biologists.
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Our pond construction techniques stand out. Look at other ponds then see a Spring Creek designed pond, you'll see the difference. Our pond construction techniques have been fine tuned with 20 years of scientific experience. pond construction goes beyond engineering; it takes fishery biologists / pond consultants. Washington ponds, California ponds, Idaho ponds. building a pond


We are Biologists who design completely natural ponds by using creative scientific techniques that result in the highest quality aquatic habitats possible from an aesthetic, biological and economical standpoint. Knowledge is our primary tool instead of equipment, filters, chemicals and additives. Read our thoughts and technical information in this site to help clarify your understanding and goals for your pond.

These pages are full of insights to help you construct a pond, stream or lake of your dreams:

pond construction & design by Biologists

Spring Creek excels at several types of pond construction including:
  • Swimming pond construction
  • Fishing pond construction
  • Farm pond construction
  • Trout pond construction
  • Earthen pond construction
  • Landscape pond construction
  • Fish pond construction
  • Ornamental pond construction
  • Golf course pond construction
  • Backyard pond construction
  • Lined pond construction

Follow our links to learn more of the benefits of pond construction with help from professional Aquatic Biologists

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Fish Pond Construction

Is fish pond construction really as simple of a concept as the purveyors of plastic pond liners and pumps for ponds would have us believe? The answer is yes and no. If you simply want to hold water in a puddle and are not so concerned with how it looks and functions, then pond construction is simple: lay down an impervious seal and just add water. If you want the pond to actually look natural, you are asking for something well beyond the capabilities of all but a few pond construction "experts". We take what we learn in lake construction and adapt it for smaller ponds and streams. After all if we are experts in building lakes we know the nuances of ponds as well as the more complex issues in building lakes

Natural Pond Construction

Natural pond construction is much more complex to design than the usual plastic puddles we see in most landscape pond construction. The good news is the actual building of a natural pond is simple compared to designing the natural pond to self maintain. The Biologists at Spring Creek take care of the design of trout ponds with details that allow you to build a cost effective pond that does look as if the pond occurred naturally and was the result of the "miracle" of modern plastics. farm pond construction also falls under the natural catagory.

Swimming Pond Construction

Swimming pond construction is a very interesting topic these days. Some claim swimming ponds are a new concept, but we feel the first skinny dippers thousands of years ago may disagree. Recently concepts used in garden pond construction and landscape pond construction have been applied to create what is called a swimming pond. Most of these swimming ponds look closer to a pond/pool combination instead of a natural swimming pond. As you may have guessed, we have addressed the appearance of these small swim ponds. We have made a couple of very minor modifications to our usual natural pond designs in order to accommodate swimming. Again, when you look at one of our swimming ponds you will have a difficult time telling it from natural. Our swimming pond construction does cost somewhat more than a shallow landscape pond, but they are still a small fraction of the cost of a comparable size swimming pool. pond construction