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from fish / ornamental ponds, large Natural ponds & crystal clear water ponds, an all natural appearance low no maintenance for fish, fishing, swimming ponds ponds by Biologists, garden ponds to fish ponds & trophy fish pondsponds   Ponds - garden ponds to fish ponds for your garden and fish pondsfish ponds Ponds by Biologists - earth ponds to fish ponds & trophy fish ponds   Ponds - landscape ponds to swimming ponds and trophy fish pondsbuilding ponds Biologists design

ponds, clear natural fish ponds

ornamental ponds to ornamental fish ponds & large pond design & building fish ponds natural landscape ponds - landscaping, ornamental fish, fishing, trophy fishing, farm or an ornamental pond, most natural pond design techniques for low or no maintenance ponds design by Biologists, maintenance by nature. Natural pond designs by Biologists - See our truly self cleaning natural ponds with clear water.


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Spring Creek can assist you with a variety of pond and lake projects including:


We are Biologists who design completely natural ponds by using creative scientific techniques that result in the highest quality aquatic habitats possible from aesthetic, biological and economic aspects. Knowledge is our primary tool instead of equipment, filters, chemicals and additives. Take time to read our information in this site to learn about building ponds and preservation of native plants, animals and aquatic habitats. We offer educational information on subjects such as native Pond Plants and Ponds and Lakes Lessons. The Pond Design and Planning Guide , Pond Faqs , Pond Construction Faqs, Pond Myths and Pond Liners pages are full of insights to help you understand the dynamics involved to develop the pond, stream or lake of your dreams.

Along with the trophy fishing ponds and lakes we have become well known for, we also design:


Since we had already developed techniques to make a pond colder than normal, we realized we can also design ponds to be warmer than usual to make a better pond for swimming. Our swimming ponds are becoming increasingly popular since the water stays as clear as the rest of our designs, and our swimming ponds cost less than a traditional pool of similar size! There are also the added benefits that you can have a beach along a swimming pond, as well as ponds are very low maintenance when built correctly. Fish are welcome in our swimming pond designs. Additionally, our ponds can be integrated into the heat pump for your home to save on your heating and air conditioning. Your house stays cooler while your pond warms for swimming. Read more in our Swimming Ponds page.


With careful planning and design, we have developed techniques to allow certain areas of a pond to warm for swimming while keeping a large cold area for fish like trout. This all-in-one design is our most versatile habitat for people and fish. These habitats are much more versitle for recreation which is why they also result in higher property value. More uses always means more land value.


Our signature creations started with trout ponds for fishing as well as a range of recreation. Open up any scenic calendar of North America and you will see majesitic mountain peaks reflected in crystal clear waters only to be interupted by the swirls metalic crimson and emerald colored trout. We create these prime habitats for many who seek land in the mountains, but we also create trout habitat in a wide range of settings much closer to home than the Rocky Mountains. Learn more about our trout lake and pond habitats



While our reputation is built on complex larger ponds and lakes for fishing, our proprietary techniques lend themselves very well to the more personal size ponds used in residential landscaping. We have developed a special pond design technique for very small ponds to maintain heavier populations of ornamental fish without the significant added expense of pond filters. These science based techniques allow the owner to save money when compared to the usual liner and filter type pond designs. Our pond designs utilize principles of aquatic biology and chemistry to be much more efficient and lower maintenance than the typical garden pond. Best of all is the fact that your garden pond will be completely natural. You will have no need for commercial additives and your pond will maintain itself naturally.


Spring Creek is leading a trend towards natural water features and recreational lakes for public places such as resorts, housing developments, office complexes and public parks. Our techniques provide pristine quality environments that will support fish and wildlife that bring nature into the city. These habitats become star features that attract commerce while providing fish and wildlife habitat. These lakes raise real estate values of towns and cities that now feature a resort setting at their core instead of the usual city park. Our goal is to benefit both business and the natural environment. Show this page to your city council if your parks are less than naturally inspiring. or your town lacks a gorgeous public beach. Read more in our Business and Environmental Philosophy area.


Traditional farm ponds were little more than irrigation ponds built with little forethought to recreation. Times have changed with the evolution of agritourism and ecotourism. Today's farm pond still provides water for crops and livestock, but it is often asked to provide for a more robust list of recreation from fishing to paddling and even beaches. More can be learned from our farm pond construction guide

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of bringing your water to life!



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Natural Ponds design and Designing natural ponds by Aquatic Biologists. lake & pond waterfront property - land with ponds for sale Ornamental Ponds for fish in ornamental ponds

Ornamental Ponds & Ornamental Fish Ponds For Fish

Ornamental fish deserve the best clear water high quality ponds low maintenance.

Ornamental fish color is best in natural habitat with natural food. Ornamental fish health is also better in natural habitat.

Natural is the only way we design our aquatic habitats Natural fish do not eat pellets, so why do people think they have a natural fish pond when they feed the fish? Natural design by Biologists brings quality aesthetics and healthy fish. Natural also means no annual cleaning. The bottom line is do you want a habitat that looks real?

Natural aesthetics by Biologists who create aquatic habitats. So natural that you cannot tell they are man made and the fish are very natural too. Natural aesthetics are a cornerstone to Biologists designs. Natural means natural building materials, not plastic or rubber. Waterfeatures in nature have never had rubber or plastic liners.

Ponds, natural Landscape Ponds, Trophy Fish in Landscape Ponds

Natural Landscape ponds and lakes by Biologists are more natural looking and functioning than habitats that landscape architects are building. Natural landscape water features are inspired by nature, not suburban parks. Natural landscaping means natural materials and not synthetics, plastic or rubber. Aquatic landscaping for natural aesthetics is what we specialize in.

Imagine an urban landscape with trout thriving in a natural landscape habitat. The striking beauty of a natural landscape design in an urban environment has a profound effect on those who come in contact with it. water features emotionally calm people, natural waterfeatures are even more soothing. Large Ponds mean large budgets. Budgets for Large Ponds can rival the cost of a house once they get to several acres. As Biologists, we give you the most for large ponds investment and cost of a large pond cost. Designing ponds like trophy fish, garden and even swim ponds with a biologist / pond biologist help with complex ponds. Planning ponds & design of ponds is easy with Biologist assistance with swimming ponds which can also combine with fish ponds & trophy trout ponds. Earth ponds which are earth lined ponds, become clear water for ornamental ponds and garden ponds. Biologists design fishing ponds plus duck & landscape ponds. Biologists creating natural ponds & lakes. Building earthen ponds with help by a professional earthen ponds design biologist. This will minimize earthen ponds maintenance and reduce earthen ponds management & construction costs. Biologist's tips for clear ponds including clear ponds without liners. Golf course ponds and many golf course ponds tips. We are Biologists designing natural ponds to make building natural ponds very easy. Ponds and Lakes and Ponds Ponds: Designing ponds like trophy fish ponds, garden ponds and swim ponds with a biologist / pond biologist help. Planning ponds & design of ponds is less complex with professional biological assistance. Planning a pond & pond design is complicated without biological assistance. swimming ponds combined with fish ponds like trout ponds design as earthen ponds results in clear ponds. Many clear ponds will become ornamental ponds used as garden ponds for fish or duck ponds in many landscape ponds. Biologists creating ponds. designing swimming ponds and building swimming ponds with a Biologist is most cost effective. Constructing swimming ponds and maintenance of swimming ponds is our specialty. Building earthen ponds and earthen ponds design is our focus as Biologists so that earthen ponds maintenance is virtually eliminated. Earthen ponds management & construction becomes much easier with our help. Biologist's tips for clear ponds to maintaining clear ponds without liners. Golf course ponds plus golf course ponds tips for maintenance.


Fish ponds by Biologists who design natural fish ponds from ornamental fish ponds to trophy fish ponds. Design of fish ponds and construction of fish ponds by Aquatic Biologists. Weedless or weed free ponds design including weed free fish ponds design by Biologists. Trophy fish in California ponds and California lakes. Trout for Washington ponds and Washington trophy fishing lakes. Clear Oregon ponds with trophy fish in Oregon Ponds. Indiana ponds that support trout in Indiana. Trophy Fishing in Montana ponds and large or small Montana Ponds with Trophy Trout by our design. Best fish for Michigan ponds, New York ponds, trophy brook trout in New England ponds in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine ponds and clear New Mexico ponds with trophy fish, New Jersey ponds and pristine Vermont ponds. Pristine Pennsylvania ponds & Pennsylvania lakes we design. Trophy Fishing in Colorado ponds & small or large Colorado Ponds with Trophy Trout design by Biologists,

Earth ponds and earth ponds source book tim matson

a recommended basic book but lacks scientific knowledge to build earth ponds to our quality & economy level . Invest your $20 before consulting with a professional earth ponds consultant / earth ponds Biologist to get the best earth ponds investment. The Earth Ponds book covers the basics of Earth Pond construction, which makes it a decent reference for our clients to study before involving professional help with Earth Ponds & Earth Ponds Sourcebook recommendation The book titled "Earth Ponds or Earth Ponds Sourcebook by Tim Matson" - recommended basic book, but lacks scientific knowledge to build earth ponds to our quality & economy level . Invest your $20 before consulting with a professional earth ponds consultant / earth ponds Biologist to get the best earth ponds investment. Earth ponds designers - Biologists who specialize in design of earthen / earth ponds to create clear water trophy fishing & ornamental ponds. Garden Ponds: Natural Garden Ponds by Biologists The garden pond industry is wrought with misinformation regarding pond design. The writers are severely lacking in scientific knowledge of aquatic habitats. Most of them come with a background of hobbyists. Natural biological ponds require much more design knowledge than ponds with filters, but biological ponds are much more aesthetically pleasing with less maintenance.

future ORYGUN section PONDS

Central Oregon ponds designed by Biologists for trophy fishing and aesthetics. Natural Trophy Trout ponds in Oregon. We design lakes & ponds from our Bend Oregon Office as well as Tualatin and Lake Placid, New York.