Ponds Natural ponds and natural lakes by Fishery Biologists Pond construction, design & management of ponds, lakes & streams. Spring Creek excels at design natural trout ponds, lakes & streams. designing ponds & lakes across north america from Canada & the southern United States: Montana wyoming texas California virginia north carolina arizona pennsylvania colorado maine vermont New York new hampshire minnesota.
Natural Ponds and Lakes by Biologists
Pond images and fish pond images from across the united states and canada. Pictures of natural ponds and natural fish ponds and natural water garden photos. pictures of water gardens and natural pond pictures by Biologists. 1

You are correct; we do hide our best photos from public view. However, we will show a few images of our work here. Concealing our best work helps us manage our workflow to maintain the quality expected of us. What we will reveal here represents the base level of our biologically designed waters to lend suggestion to our finished creations. c It is our belief that exceeding expectation is always a good business policy. Further, what is represented here is always at least one year behind our current level of knowledge. We always look forward to the future to demonstrate what we are working on today.

It all begins with the understanding, experience and judgement of our Biologists. They then go to paper and a computer take-off for the pond excavators. The process is driven by science but it is perfected by the natural artistry that comes from lifetimes inspired by natural beauty in water. Something innate and inspired happens when the inquisitive mind is awakened early in life.

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Ponds may be a recent darling of landscaping, but long ago a very young child was inspired by iridesent colored trout in pools of mountain streams and an ephemeral tide pool at the beach holding a single young trout on its way to the ocean. Science can be taught and learned, instinct requires a lifetime. There is nothing more rewarding to our efforts than an opportunity to share our creativity, our knowledge and that very precious instinct.

From there the real magic of nature begins with the guidance of our pond and lake designs. With careful design comes the genesis of the pond or lake much like a flower blooms. If you carefully plant the seeds of knowledge, the pond will quickly grow into the what is portrayed here.

Notice our photos are taken directly into the water in most cases. This shows the true quality of the water. It is too easy to show a pleasing panoramic image that quickly becomes dull and uninspired upon closer inspection. We begin with the close up to put the quality right up front.

Natural Ponds and swimming ponds design by Biologists

The finest compliment we have received was a shocked look on a client's face when we told them we did not borrow these images from actual forest streams and lakes. We always keep a few photos around that reveal a man-made structure next to one of our ponds or lakes to ensure these images represent our designs. natural swimming pond construction with Biologists Natural waterfeatures are much more soothing when there is no evidence of human involvement.

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