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Welcome to the waterfront real estate section of our site. Our purpose here is to ensure our clients' successful waterfront property investments whether they are existing lakefront, riverfront or future lake or stream property. Consider the information presented here along with the advice from our Waterfront Buyers and Inspection Guide. Waterfront real estate presents the greatest rewards and risks of any catagory of real estate. It is our goal for our clients to only experiece the rewards.


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land with a pond or lake for sale

The Golden Trout Ranch is a concept we are continuing to develop as an ultimate expression of our work at Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts. The center piece of the property will be a 20-30 acre lake and stream large enough to fish and float. The lake will become a privately owned refuge for rare stocks of salmonids. Our goal is to provide a diversity of outdoor recreation, extraordinary natural aesthetics and a satisfaction that the owners have made a great biological contribution to select stocks of wild trout. The image above is an approximate rendering of the view.

land with a lake for sale

images of waters designed by Spring Creek

This page will feature riverfront and lake properties for sale where Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts has designed or restored the pond, lake or stream. This is a service to our clients as well as those who desire to invest in property that features one of our mature aquatic habitats.

We will also feature fishing properties we know have some significant fishing resource or potential resource that can be further developed.


For those who are considering buying waterfront property, we offer an evaluation consultation to help you gauge the quality of the property not only now, but into the future. From a site review we can forecast lake or stream management issues the potential owners may face in the future. Very frequently unanticipated lake management expenses arise with the homeowners bearing a great financial responsibility. We strive to help potential property owners avoid poorly planned waterfront developments. There are times this will require a site visit and other situations where we can develop a relatively comprehensive evaluation from our office if we have access to the history of the water as well as a range of data that is easily collected locally. People are very often surprised what we can decipher from a handful of old photographs of a lake or stream. A waterfront property inspection service may sound novel at first, but ask a few lakefront or riverfront property owners how they would have felt about a waterfront evaluation before they became financially responsible for maintaining a lake.

Properties are almost always inspected for a wide range of building structural issues in order to avoid unforeseen problems that carry significant expense to rectify. Not as often is the quality of the lake, stream or river evaluated for the same reasons. Ironically repairs to a lake or stream may be significantly more expensive than other issues traditional evaluated for real estate purchases. A body of water will drive the property value down if the quality of the habitat declines due to poor design, pollution issues, siltation or leaks. Rivers carry floodplain issues as well as meandering channels that can severely damage home sites.

People invest in waterfront real estate with an expectation of enjoying a property that should realize accelerated value when compared to landlocked properties. What they do not count on is actual property value depreciation when aesthetic elements such as water clarity declines. Further, health issues associated with some types of algae blooms have closed many waters to human contact resulting in lake restorations ranging up to the same cost as the initial lake building budget.

Waterfront property evaluations are tailored to the client's budget and desires. We can perform rapid evaluations to expose the more obvious and expensive issues or we can go into greater depth for larger, more valuable transactions in order to ensure the long-term viability and quality of the waterfront investment. Generally we will evaluate both the body of water in question as well as the water supply, watershed and surrounding land uses to develop a comprehensive forecast for the future of the lake, river or stream. Expectations of the evaluation are defined during the first meeting so the client will know what to expect.

It is in the best interests of Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts for people to realize positive results from waterfront property investments so that only the beauty of waterfront property is realized instead of horror stories of lakes gone bad. Quality properties raise the value of the entire class of properties. Poor quality lakes and streams only make the consumer leery of the entire class of property.

Spring Creek developed this service in response to the large number of homeowners associations who called several years after a new lake developed water quality, aesthetic and recreation issues due to poor initial design. Unfortunately this problem is a frequent issue. Many new lakes will appear to be of high quality for around a decade before they very quickly decline into the troubled waters the homeowners fear most.

Often people will search in vain for the ideal quality in waterfront or lakefront property. In this case we are uniquely qualified to evaluate land to build the lake you desire. There are wide differences in lake construction costs that can be minimized by finding well suited land for a lake. Additionally, dry land is potentially much less expensive than an existing waterfront thus the owner has an economic advantage in developing their own lake or waterfront property. Value of land with lakes and streams are determined by their emotional and recreational value, not by the cost of building. With forethought the highest value lakes and streams can be developed for less than many poorly designed bodies of water. An investment in experienced professional pre-purchase advice is most often rewarded many fold in both reduced construction expense and the ultimate riverfront or lakefront property value.

The value of waterfront properties is strongly influenced by the emotional value our aquatic habitat designs provide for our clients. It remains difficult to assign a monetary value to crystal clear water ponds and lakes with trophy size fish. This value is reflected in the higher property selling prices our clients receive for their pond, lake or stream waterfront property when compared to other waterfront property.

The investment potential of professionally designed lakes, ponds and streams is unique. Developing highly aesthetic natural landscapes that offer rare recreational benefits and a true "one-of-a-kind" niche in its market, tends to elevate our projects from the real estate commodity market into the dream property catagory. When a potential buyer can look out from the home and see eight-pound trout in a crystal clear pond or lake, they realize two things: they have to have this property and they are not going to be able to negotiate a lower price.

For existing lake property and lakefront property currently being considered for purchase, Spring Creek can evaluate and design features in water adjacent to the property in order to accomplish goals such as attracting fish and wildlife. We can also use portions of our pallet of techniques to improve the aesthetics of existing shorelines. In the case of large sterile lakes such as Flathead Lake near Big Fork Montana, we can create habitat features to attract and support the largest fish, thus adding more value to the property.


Visit our Waterfront Property Video Gallery on youtube for several examples of prime waterfront, lakefront, riverfront and ranch properties.

* SOLD * The Horseshoe Ranch on Oregon's famous Wood River.

The Horseshoe Ranch sits on a crystal clear spring fed river filled with steelhead size wild rainbow trout that feed in Klamath Lake. The only other dry fly river we know of in the lower 48 states that can rival the Wood for oversized rainbow trout is the Williamson River which also feeds Klamath Lake. Significant trophy fishing properties are rarely available on either of these rivers because of their fishing quality. The scenery of the surrounding country is on a par with the fishing. Crater Lake National Park is less than ten miles from the Horseshoe.

This property is a prime candidate for either a conservation easement or a private wildlife preserve, including all of the associated tax benefits. Some of our clients prefer to fund and direct their own wildlife preserves instead of donating to other nonprofit organizations.

The river itself is in pristine condition. There are only a few light touches we would apply to augment hiding cover for the trout. There is also a potential to add a small lake in order to extend the fishing season and further enhance the pristine aesthetics of this property. Take a look through the websites above for photos.

A twenty minute drive from The Horseshoe Ranch will put you on some of the best fishing on Klamath Lake. We coined the phrase "raincoat trout" long ago for these fish since even on sunny days we wear raingear when fishing from a float tube. It's the only way to stay dry on good fishing days. This is NOT an exaggeration. An average fish here runs over four pounds and no one gets excited until the fish reach double digits. These are the same fish that swim past the front door of the Horseshoe Ranch on their way to spawn.


When we run across prime land for construction of new or restored ponds, lakes and streams, we will list them here. These are properties that will produce the best aquatic habitat for the investment. If you have land for sale with exceptional potential for aquatic development, let us know.


Visit our listings of other real estate professionals who offer recreation properties across North America on our Resource Page.



We are usually looking for lake and waterfront properties for several clients. If you have a parcel of land you believe is very suitable for pond, lake or stream development, please contact us to discuss the property. If we find it exceptional, we will list it here. The property does not need to have an existing body of water on it.


  • Site for a 10+ acre trophy trout lake in the Western US.*
  • Site for a 5 - 10 acre lake in Central Oregon.*
  • Site for a 3 acre pond in Central Oregon.*
  • Site for a 10 acre lake near Atlanta Georgia.*
  • Site for a 5 acre pone near Lake Placid, New York.*
* These can be either an existing lake or a site with construction potential.

pond property for sale on lakefront & waterfront property

images of waters designed by Spring Creek

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IN THE NEWS: Our Senior Fishery Biologist was the Technical Advisor for an important new trophy trout fishing book titled: Big Trout. This book will not only change the way you think of chasing trophy fish, it will cause you to replace those old photos of trophy trout with new photos of even bigger trout.

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Buy land without water for less and then plan for pond construction to create the best lake property. This is cheaper than buying high sale price lake properties.