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Waterfront Property Evaluation Points to Ponder

  • What enhancements might greatly improve property value?
  • How long will a newly built lake maintain its current qualities & property value?
  • Will there be concern for future leaking if the lake is sealed with synthetic materials?
  • Will an accelerated leak in a lake be repairable within a reasonable budget?
  • What is the price of future water rights if necessary?
  • Will the watershed cause the lake to fill with sediments? In what time frame?
  • What is the water quality in the critical late summer period?
  • Do promotional photos portray the property year around?
  • How will the water supply and watershed affect future water quality and land value?
  • What changes in land use might affect lake or river quality?
  • Is the current fishery natural or is it artificially maintained at what expense?
  • Is there potential to improve the aesthetic quality and property value of the shoreline?
  • Is there a potential to improve fishing and property value at the shoreline of the property?
  • Was the lake or stream designed to survive for generations or was it an after thought in a development?

Waterfront property offers perhaps more potential than any type of real estate for emotional satisfaction and waterfront property: Waterfront Property evaluation, design and construction with Biologists soul-quenching relaxation. The sounds, colors and motion of water, fish, wildlife, trees and flowers of a high quality waterfront parcel offer a uniquely soothing experience that should remain for generations. 

Finding or developing such a quality riverfront, stream or lakefront property poses a daunting challenge due to a littany of unforeseen factors to maintain the quality of the property.  Even more challenging is the task of projecting the future of a body of water, especially man-made waters.  Mother Nature takes on a much more mysterious face when it comes to water. since lakes, streams and rivers are affected by every event uphill or upstream. 

What is seen today along a beautiful lake shore, is not how it will be 10, 20 or 50 years from now.  Nature constantly changes for better or worse.  A wise investor needs the best information to predict costs and values of property well into the future.  Waterfront properties are promoted with great hyperbole and images from the present with little or no discussion of challenges that may develop in time.  This is most true of man-made waters that require time to reveal their critical flaws.  

Few properties are ever purchased without an inspection or evaluation, yet possibly due to emotionally charged buyers, waterfront properties are virtually purchased on a hope and a prayer because of their beauty and the lack of available qualified counsel.

The laundry list of concerns could intimidate even the most cavalier investors if they were aware of them at the time of purchase.  Weeds, algae, water quality, leaks, erosion, water clarity, dredging, mosquitos and fishery quality lead into a longer list of concerns for all waterfront land owners.  How would a person feel after signing  a contract for a man-made lake that was sealed with a synthetic liner with a twenty year warranty that started ten years ago?  What if it was leaned too late that the river bank in front of the house was not nearly as stable as was previously claimed? These events happen every year.  To the informed, they are predictable. They are also completely avoidable.  

Natural Ponds: from Swimming Ponds to Trophy Fishing Lakes

images of waters designed by Spring Creek

As Aquatic Biologists with over 25 years of dealing with all of these issues across North America, we help clients analyze their goals as well as their potential property purchase. For those who have identified the waterfront property of their dreams, we can look into the future and predict the expense, shortfalls and hidden factors that may degrade the lake, river or stream. 

In addition to aquatic evaluations, we design the most naturally appearing and functioning ponds, streams and lakes when either the perfect property cannot be found or when new construction is more cost effective than buying existing waterfront.  We also build lakes and streams when the client wants to create the ideal body of water at existing locations.

As with any real estate investment, appreciating property value depends upon scarcity when compared to the market.  At Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts, every one of our projects is designed to be that one-in-a-million appreciating aquatic property.

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images of waters designed by Spring Creek

IN THE NEWS: Our Senior Fishery Biologist was the Technical Advisor for an important new trophy trout fishing book titled: Big Trout. This book will not only change the way you think of chasing trophy fish, it will cause you to replace those old photos of trophy trout with new photos of even bigger trout.

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