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Spring Creek can assist you with a variety of pond projects including:


We are Biologists who design completely natural wildlife ponds by using creative scientific techniques that result in the highest quality aquatic habitats possible from an aesthetic, biological and economical basis. Knowledge is our primary tool instead of equipment, filters, chemicals and additives. Take time to read our thoughts and technical information in this site to see the knowledge we offer. The Planning - Design guide , Faqs , Technical Faqs and Myths pages are full of insights to help you develop the wildlife pond, stream or lake of your dreams.

Successful wildlife ponds depend on pond habitats that function naturally in order to produce the variety of forage and cover habitat found in nature. In order to function naturally, your wildlife pond needs to be designed with particular species of wildlife in mind. For instance, if a pond is intended to attract deer or elk, the pond seal needs to be strong enough to prevent puncturing the seal with sharp hooves. Frog ponds require soft sediments to provide over-wintering habitat.

Recently it has become popular for small pond builders to use plastics to seal their ponds. From what we have seen, the vast majority of these "ponds" require frequent cleaning and/or water changes. This does not meet our definition of natural since these ponds are not cleaning themselves. Natural ponds have the ability to clean their own wastes. Natural ponds also develop the complex assemblages of invertebrates such as insects, amphipods (freshwater shrimp), worms, leeches, daphnia, crawfish and molluscs. Cleaning disrupts the pond ecology which doesn't allow the establishment of a robust array of forage that supports the more aesthetic species such as frogs, shorebirds, ducks, geese, otters and mink. A couple of these species may be present, but they may only be transient residents of the pond and not able to complete their full life cycle like they could in a completely natural pond or lake. One other not so minor detail is the lack of maintenance naturally function ponds require. The phrase "natural pond" has become a very misused marketing phrase to sell poorly functioning ponds. Besides the lack of necessary cleaning, one other thing to look for to define a naturally functioning pond is to ask if any additives such as bacteria are required by the pond. A naturally functioning pond can easily develop its own bacterial colonies sufficent to decompose organic wastes. Obviously any other additives are an additional sign of these less than natural ponds.

A few examples of highly aesthetic wildlife that may visit our naturally functioning ponds and lakes include: wood ducks, mallards, song birds, loons, Canadian geese, frogs, fish, mink, otter, beaver, deer, and elk. This is a short list; there are many many more examples. One of our favorite images is a pair of brightly colored wood ducks on a pond and surrounding landscape habitat that was designed to provide food, shelter and mating habitat to allow these native species to complete their life cycle just outside your picture windows.

Along with the natural wildlife ponds and lakes we have become well known for, we also design:


While we build a many larger wildlife ponds and lakes, there is no minimum size limit. Our scientific experience and creativity saves a great deal of money when compared to the usual plastic liner pond with a filter and high maintenance. Our wildlife pond designs harness biology and chemistry to be much lower maintenance than usual garden ponds. Your wildlife garden pond will be completely natural. You will not have a need for chemicals and your pond will naturally maintain itself.


Why not bring the wildlife into the office or your home? Hummingbirds feeding on monkey flower or indian paintbrush is always pleasing to the eye, especially in an urban setting where it is never expected. We build this quality of natural ponds and lakes where fish and wildlife bring nature to the city. Our goal is to benefit both business and the natural environment. Read more in our Business and Environmental Philosophy area.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of bringing your water to life!

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