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Swimming ponds and landscape ponds as one in the same. Swim pond design and swim pond construction guide to create a very natural swim pond or landscape pond design. a guide How to build a swimming pond or landscape pond to add value to your real estate property. a guide how to building a swimming pond swim pond or landscape pond. Swimming ponds or swim ponds with natural clear water without the swimming pond maintenance requires careful swimming pond design. Oregon swimming ponds, california swimming ponds, Illinois swim ponds. New york swimming ponds Oregon landscaping ponds design by Biologists experts at designing natural swim pond design. ponds by Biologists, from landscape ponds to swimming ponds & fishing ponds


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Spring Creek can assist you with a variety of pond projects including:

  • Swimming Ponds

  • Fishing Ponds

  • Combination Ponds

  • Garden Ponds

  • Landscape Ponds


Spring Creek is a group of Biologists who design natural swimming ponds and landscape ponds via innovative scientific techniques resulting in the most natural clear water quality swimming ponds and lakes attainable. We rely on knowledge and practical experience instead of pond chemicals, equipment and filters. Explore our thoughts and technical information to see what we offer. The Planning guide , Pond Faqs , Technical and Pond Myths pages will guide you to understand the big picture to create the swimming pond, landscape pond or stream of your dreams.

Along with the trophy fishing ponds and lakes we have become well known for, we also design:


If you are looking to build a swimming pond that looks like a natural pristine pond instead of a quasi natural swimming pool, you are in the right place. We have been designing and building ponds for a wide range of recreation for decades. Fishing and swimming go hand in hand for most people. Creating clear water trout ponds is quite a bit more challenging than building a clear water swimming pond. We realize some people value ultimate water clarity over trophy size trout. For them we have always modified our designs to favor both ultimate water clarity while emphasizing the very natural appearance of our ponds and streams. The other big difference about swimming ponds is since we have always excelled at creating cold water ponds, it was very easy to manipulate those techniques to build warm water ponds for swimming. Take a look at our new in depth Swimming Ponds Page to learn more.


Now that we have elaborated about swimming ponds, why would you want Biologists to design landscape ponds? The answer is very easy when you see our work: aesthetics!. Who better knows the subtle beauty of natural ponds and lakes than Biologists who have dedicated careers to their study, protection and recreation? Those thousands of miles and thousands of days of observation, study and experimentation all come to fruition in our natural landscape pond designs. There are a myriad of design aspects we integrate into our work that cause the observer to feel the nature in our ponds and lakes. Most will never be able to explain why our landscape ponds look so natural, but they will be able to innately sense the natural experience. These years of experience do not come quickly, but they do come very happily when we personally experience the great satisfaction of our work. We think you will too.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of bringing your water to life!

Ponds from landscape ponds to swimming ponds by Biologists Natural ponds by Biologists who design clear ponds for landscape ponds to swimming ponds

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Swim Ponds

Swim ponds building and swim ponds construction with Biologists who design very natural swim ponds and natural landscape ponds requiring very little swim pond maintenance due to the natural swim pond design techniques we have developed. We are one of very few companies who design swim pond and swimming ponds for fish and people. Fish in our swim ponds actually help maintain the swim pond water quality. We strive to create swim ponds that look and function in a completely natural way. lake & pond property - land with ponds for sale trophy ponds ponds trophy trout fishing ponds pond construction fish pond construction garden Ponds ponds pond construction... pond construction trout fishing building lakes fishery consultants lake consultants trout ponds aquatic consultants .. lake construction trout pond trout ponds building ponds building lakes farm pond construction pond construction trout ponds trout pond trout pond truot ponds .. building ponds .. .. .. .. ..