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swimming ponds by Biologists


Spring Creek will help you with a range of pond projects including:


We are Biologists who design natural Swimming ponds with the highest attainable aesthetic quality. Our primary tool is knowledge instead of equipment, filters, chemicals and additives. Take time to review our thoughts and tips in this site. The Planning - Design guide , Faqs , Technical Faqs and Myths pages are full of insights to help you develop the clear natural swim pond or stream of your dreams.

Natural swimming ponds are simply defined as any pond clean enough to provide a safe and enjoyable natural swimming environment without the use of additives and chemicals. They have existed throughout history at least as far back as early Roman civilization. We have just added a bit of modern science to the mix to make swimming ponds that look and feel very natural.

As Biologists we focus on swimming ponds for several practical reasons:

  • Natural swimming ponds do not use irritating chemicals like chlorine that not only irritate the eyes and nose, but combine with organics to become a potential carcinogen.
  • Fish can live in our swimming ponds, doubling the swimmmers' enjoyment of the pond over a swim pool.
  • Very few people enjoy cleaning their pool or pond. We harness nature to do this for us.
  • Spring Creek swimming ponds have beaches!
  • Spring Creek swimming ponds can have meandering streams and waterfalls.
  • We are very good at biological aquatic design. We have been designing ponds and lakes for decades with swimming, fish and fishing as the focus. This is not a new concept. Everything we learn from our diverse aquatic design experience culminates to create the finest swimming experience.
  • And finally, our methods of swimming pond design are less expensive to build and look much more natural than other swimming pond designs. Our swimming pond designs are also significantly more cost effective than traditional swimming pools.

swimming ponds by Biologists. Designers of swimming ponds

swimming ponds design by Biologists

We enjoy the vacation at home lifestyle as it relates to physiological health as well as mental and spiritual health. People travel for hours to reach what our clients enjoy every day from the sunrise view, to a weekend afternoon at the backyard beach to the view of the setting sun over crystal clear water and wildflowers. These are fleeting qualities rarely matched in today's hectic lifestyle.

For people who love the sights and sounds of moving water, many of our ponds have streams built into them for a completely natural pond appearance. The streams are not required to maintain the ponds, but people have an innate desire to hear and see moving water. Streams also add significantly to property value. Our streams are also built of the same natural materials we use in all our ponds and lakes. Our natural stream designs have riffles, falls and pools just like you see in a forest. We can design streams large enough float a canoe or just large enough to bring audible calm into your day.

We build a range of natural ponds and lakes, from small landscape ponds and swimming ponds up to more elaborate fish ponds and trophy fishing lakes. We will listen to your personal goals and blend them into a very natural pond for aesthetics, swimming or fishing, or we can design a pond for a single purpose. We can design a convertible pond that may begin as a swimming pond and later can be very easily converted into a fish pond if your goals change or if you sell the property to those who prefer a fish or fishing pond.

swimming ponds by Biologists. Designers of all natural swimming ponds
natural swimming pond construction with Biologists

Take the time to peruse our site. See if we can sharpen your perception of what a pond or lake can be and what natural pond and lake designs may offer.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of bringing your water to life!

Earth Ponds from ornamental ponds to fish ponds and fishing ponds by Biologists Natural clay ponds by Biologists who design clear earth ponds for garden ponds to fish ponds & trophy fishing ponds

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Natural Swimming Ponds

Swimming Pond Design

Why are Biologists the best swimming pond designers? Biologists see the big picture when we design a swimming pond. They can look down the road for years and see what your swimming pond will require to provide you with decades of very little swimming pond maintenance. the question is How to design a swimming pond to look completely natural as well as function naturally.

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Swimmers enjoy gardens and beaches more than concrete. Swim water gardens are much cleaner than swimming in koi ponds or water gardens. swimmer ponds pool experience vs swim pools The swimmer in pools can smell the chemicals. swimmers in ponds experience no chemicals from swimming pools. Natural swimming waterfalls & swim gardens & lakes Swim with fish under waterfalls in swim gardens and swimming lakes where swimmers enjoy the natural swimming gardens experience. pond design pond liners natural ponds lake & pond property - land with ponds for sale clear ponds fishing ponds ponds pond construction... fishing pond construction trout fishing tips building lakes fishery consultants lake consultants trout ponds lake construction building ponds building lakes farm pond construction trout ponds building ponds