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lake construction & fishing lake construction, Lake Building and lake management, Biologists, lake design or lake designer & lake construction consultants for fishing lake construction, golf course lake construction, recreational lake, and stream construction projects. Our projects range from building natural lakes to water feature construction. Our water feature construction technique create water features with a natural appearance & function. Our water feature construction originated with our work in natural lakes. building a lake in Oregon, stocking trout lakes, trophy trout lakes, California trout lakes, Colorado, Washington, Montana, New York.
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is a very precious resource. Lakes and streams bring great financial and personal value
to the surrounding land. Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts specializes in creating the finest lakes, ponds and streams. Whether it is a simple backyard pond, a private fly fishing lake or stream, or a large lake of several hundred acres, our innovative yet practical approach will add the greatest value to your land.

Our expert Biologists will design, and build the lake of your dreams. There are several methods we employ to assist your lake construction project, from phone consultation for specific issues, to on-site inspection up to the complete lake design. We can advise and consult on the lake building project or we can build the lake.

Quality lake design delivers lasting benefits such as much larger fish, reduced sediment, correct temperature, very clear water, fewer weeds, drastically reduced cost of maintenance and a very natural appearing environment. An entire industry exists to maintain lakes. Most of this industry exists to serve lakes with poor lake design and construction. A small investment in high quality lake design, saves considerable investment of money, effort, and risk through the lake's life. We also redesign lakes, and perform complete lake restoration to achieve the same qualities of new lake construction.

We have a do it yourself lake construction package where we provide lake design, construction oversight and ongoing monitoring after the project is finished. We continually hear reports of "I wish I met you people the first I built this lake. I could have saved so much money and effort." This is where we begin the costly process of repairing what they have worked so hard to build. They go on to say "I read all the books." Unless you own a small scientific library, The books just don't reach the depth of detail or experience to take into consideration the unique combination of elements of each site to create a natural high quality lake or stream. Decades of experience are invaluable to accomplish these goals.

Nature creates a few perfect lakes and stream that produce clear water and trophy size fish. We study these lakes very closely. After we discover the missing elements in your site or existing lake, we then provide for the missing factors. The end product is a lake habitat quality that is pristinely natural. While we possess the knowledge to improve the biology, chemistry, geology, geography, and physics of your lake site, getting the sun to shine more often is the one challenge we have yet to overcome.

EXPERIENCE and INNOVATION. More than twenty-five years of experience have culminated in the creativity and effectiveness of our lake designs. This goes beyond our scientific pursuits to include practical experience in construction. Our Biologists deliver the technical as well as practical expertise to get the lake built correctly the first time. From this scientific and practical background, we have built trout habitats in places that surprise even other professional Biologists. From the deep south in Georgia to the searing deserts of California, our projects range from very small and highly aesthetic natural water features and swimming ponds to trophy fish ponds and lakes. We have also performed watershed analyses of basins up to several hundred thousand acres. If you believe trout cannot survive your site, there is a very good change we have a big surprise for you.

Knowledge of aquatic habitats alone does not suffice to create the best fishing lake designs. We have to be versed in fish genetics to provide the best fish for the situation. We deal with a broad spectrum of fish species. Many of these are threatened and endangered species. Lake habitat design and fish stocks are matched to ensure the success of your lake.

While we have a great deal of experience pushing the temperature limits of cold water fish like trout and salmon, these techniques greatly benefit all species of fish. The natural aesthetics we produce also provide very clear water lakes and ponds for swimming, sailing and most aquatic recreation.

click for a larger map. A new page will open You have a vision of how your lake should look and perform. We start with that vision and utilize our experience to expand upon it. From broad sandy beaches to trout spawning streams and flower-rich meadows, our business is to build a lake well beyond the expectations of our clients. This shared vision blends scale and budget to provide for the ideal property investment for recreation, aesthetics and financial value. The culmination is the vacation at home experience that provides a place for relaxation and emotional therapy.

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Lake Construction

We have an outline for your use to plan and carry out your project with as much or little aid as you require from us. Read through the lake PLANNING GUIDE to help you in develop the best lake possible. Be sure to read the NEW TECHNICAL FAQs page for answers to your other important questions.

IN THE NEWS: We recently pushed the envelope again with a small trout pond project in the searing heat of central California and further improved the efficiency of our designs to new levels.

Our Senior Fishery Biologist was the technical adviser for a new trophy trout fishing book: Big Trout .

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Lake designs by Biologists who create natural lake designs, landscape lake designs and ornamental lake designs. Subjects: Trophy Fish Lake liners, lake liners, Lake design, natural lake design, biological lake design, trophy fish lake design with Biologists. Designing a lake, designing a natural lake, designing a trophy fishing lake with Biologists. Designing lakes, designing natural lakes, designing trophy fishing lakes with a Biologist. Designing a lake with assistance from professional Biologists not only saves a great deal, it also results in a more pleasing environment and much higher property values. Trophy fishing, lake consultant. The best lake consultant is an Aquatic Biologist who can design the entire system. Very cost effective lake designs. The best lake designs are those designed by Aquatic Biologists who produce quality habitats via their lake designs. To learn the difference between ponds and lakes visit here. Quality of lake designers. Trophy Fishing Lake designers / Biologists need a scientific as well as aesthetic eye. Others can help with aesthetics, but the lake designers knowledge of biology of the lake is critical.


Trophy fishing lake construction or building lakes with our natural lake construction techniques by Biologists. For existing lake & pond property - waterfront land with lake front property for sale listings in: oregon, washington, eastern, western, central, southern and northern california ponds or lakes, west, south, idaho, montana, wyoming, colorado, utah, nevada, arizona, minnesota, wisconsin, illinois, iowa, indiana, missouri, michigan, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, new hampshire, new mexico, new england, massachusetts, connecticut, vermont, maine, british columbia, canada, quebec, ontario, alberta, north carolina, south carolina, virginia, west virginia. Fishing lake property or fishing lake land for sale. Lake property listings, or lake property for sale, go to For lake property listings or lake property, go to: we also design small lakes & trout ponds. Do remember that trophy fish also come from trophy fishing pond construction projects as well. Fishery Biologists as lake management consultants who efficiently reach your lake management goals via our heavy construction and biological experience with lake management and trophy fishing lake projects. large pond construction fits here too as long as it is big enough to cast a line for trophy fishing. building ponds for nature preserves building lakes for water skiing and beaches building ponds in lawns and yards for aesthetic enjoyment.