Pond construction & design with Biologists from landscape pond construction to fish pond construction & trophy fishing pond construction

pond construction, pond design, & planning by professional biologists. Optimize your Pond construction investment with our knowledge. Pond construction in California, colorado, vermont, new hampshire, new york, new england, pennsylvania, north carolina, montana, minnesota, iowa, oregon, washington, idaho, illinois, michigan, wyoming, wisconsin, georgia, virginia, canada



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Our pond construction techniques stand out. When you look at other ponds then see a Spring Creek designed pond, you'll see the difference. Our pond construction techniques have been fine tuned with 20 years of scientific experience. pond construction goes beyond engineering; it takes fishery biologists & aquatic consultants. Washington ponds, california ponds, idaho ponds. building a pond


We are Biologists who design completely natural ponds by using creative scientific techniques that result in the highest quality aquatic habitats possible from an aesthetic, biological and economical standpoint. Knowledge is our primary tool instead of equipment, filters, chemicals and additives. Take time to read our thoughts and technical information in this site to see the knowledge we offer. The Planning - Design guide , Faqs , Technical Faqs and Myths pages are full of insights to help you construct the pond, stream or lake of your dreams.

Spring Creek excels at several types of pond construction including:

Farm pond construction

-- cleaner water and weed reduction for multi purpose farm ponds. Get more from your working farm pond.

Trout pond construction

-- trophy size trout in clear water pristine quality ponds with wild trout. Bring your vacation to your home

Earthen pond construction

-- earthen ponds that are cleaner and more natural appearing and functioning than other landscape ponds.

Swimming pond construction

-- swimming ponds that seamlessly fit into landscapes and are much less expensive than swimming pools

Landscape pond construction

-- cost efficient construction with an appearance that only a natural pond can achieve. Natural landscapes produce incredible emotional value.

Fish pond construction

-- the most attractive fish come from natural feeds from natural ponds that feed on natural feeds instead of pellets.

Ornamental pond construction

-- transcend the ordinary in a way no other methods can. The intangible psychological value of natural landscapes transcend the pond industry.

Golf course pond construction

-- fully integrated ponds for natural appearance with less work and more enjoyable play.

Backyard pond construction

-- bring a fully function aquatic habitat into your landscape without the work. Crystal clear water outside your picture windows has a special effect on the emotions.

Lined pond construction

-- the most cost effective methods to seal a pond while producing natural funtion. Gain peace of mind with a pond seal that lasts lifetimes.

Natural pond construction

-- simply the way ponds were meant to be.

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Pond construction & designs with Biologists from garden pond construction to fish pond construction & trophy fishing pond construction

pond construction by Fishery Biologists lake & pond property - land with ponds for sale fly fishing property and waterfront property ponds ponds building lakes lake consultants trout ponds aquatic consultants lake construction building lakes

Pond construction & pond designs with Biologists from garden pond to earth pond construction & trophy fishing pond construction

Biologists who employ completely natural pond construction techniques from fish pond construction to trophy fishing pond construction and swimming pond construction. Our natural pond construction techniques provide clear water ponds that require little if any maintenance.

Fish Pond Construction

Fish pond construction means mostly backyard ornamental fish ponds as opposed to fishing pond construction meaning pond construction for sport fishing. While our bias is that trout are much more attractive than carp aka k o i, there are many people who love their mutated carp, perhaps mostly because they view trout as something so esoteric that they would not even dream of trout in their backyard ponds. While small fish pond construction is not a mainstay of our business, we do build several small ponds each year. We do encourage native fish in our ponds because of their variety and interest. We do shudder a bit at the thought of some mutated carp wrapping its lips around some of the delicate native submerged plants we use in our ponds.

Pond Construction Experts

It seems anyone who charges a fee for their service or products claims to be an expert or a "professional". We find this thought very unpalatable. Most ponds built by these "experts" appear as unnatural piles of over-priced rocks and rubble. Then they boast, like a side-show barker, of how natural their puddles appear. The way to tell if a pond construction "expert" can build a natural pond is to ask how often the water needs to be cleaned or changed. A truly natural pond doesn't need to be cleaned; nor does it need filters, skimmers and bacterial additives.

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