Fishing ponds construction and building a fishing pond with Biologists as fishing ponds design & designers.

ponds by Biologists who develop clear natural fish ponds from ornamental ponds to fish ponds & trophy fish ponds. Design of fishing ponds & construction of fishing ponds


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Spring Creek can assist you with a variety of pond projects including:


We are Biologists who design completely natural ponds by using creative scientific techniques that result in the highest quality aquatic habitats possible from an aesthetic, biological and economical basis. Knowledge is our primary tool instead of equipment, filters, chemicals and additives. Take time to read our thoughts and technical information in this site to see the knowledge we offer. The Planning - Design guide , Faqs , Technical Faqs and Myths pages are full of insights to help you develop the pond, stream or lake of your dreams.

Fishing ponds designed by our Biologists have dual goals of large trophy fish and the pristine clear water aesthetics we are known for. Clear water fshing ponds are not often associated with trophy size fish, yet our techniques deliver both of these often opposing goals. For so many anglers the fishing experience is more than the size of the fish; it is the complete outdoor experience. There have been many more than a few occasions when we hear about our clients enjoying the natural beauty of our waters while fishing became a distant priority.

Along with the trophy fishing ponds and lakes we have become well known for, we also design:


We promote natural water features and ornamental ponds for public venues including office complexes, residentail developments, parks and golf courses. Spring Creek produces pristine ponds and streams with our natural techniques that support fish as well as wildlife that bring nature into the urban jungle. Natural waterfeatures become starring elements that improve commerce via the attraction of nature. We strive to synergistically benefit both business and the natural world. More information is available in our Business and Environmental Philosophy page.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of bringing your water to life!

natural ponds from fishing ponds to ornamental ponds by Biologists Ponds by Biologists who design natural ponds

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