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click for a larger map. A new page will open Clients have a vision of the lake recreation and aesthetics they desire. We blend this and our experience and techniques with the goal of eclipsing those lake building goals. Building a lake is a one-time opportunity to do it right that greatly rewards planning and quality lake design. We integrate the vision of the project with the budget and physical location to provide the finest lake possible.

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We have an outline for you to use in order to plan and carry out your project with as much or little assistance as you require from us. Look through the PLANNING GUIDE To assist you in developing the best aquatic habitat possible. Be sure to visit our FAQs page for answers to your important questions.

IN THE NEWS: Our Senior Fishery Biologist was the Technical Advisor for an important new trophy trout fishing book titled: Big Trout . Visit for more information. This book will not only change the way you think of chasing trophy fish, it will cause you to replace those old photos of trophy trout with new photos of even bigger trout.

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Building lakes

Searching for real estate or lake or lakefront property / land with a lake for sale versus building lakes with lake design Biologists produces natural lakes with clear water, trophy fish and fishing. Building lakes design by engineers or lake contractors does not produce the same quality. lake design by Biologists versus Engineers or lake construction engineers or contractors ends up with very different qualities. If you are looking for a lake design engineer, you may want to look for an aquatic Biologist consultants. Engineers are good at sealing lakes with pond liners. They just won't do well at natural lake & pond design To see real waters visit our natural ponds page. pond plants come in native and invasive species. pond construction and design for farm ponds and lakes. learn the difference between ponds and lakes see the many styles of ponds we build. fish pond construction depends on species and goals like fishing. pond construction page gives basic ideas. trout ponds are the epitome of natural water features. building ponds is a get started guide for water gardens. building lakes is our intro for beginners. building ponds for our basic guidelines. building a lake The best how to build a lake guide pond habitat learn about aquatic habitats. pond construction is our starting point in the process. pond construction