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Design a clear water pond, natural water garden designs natural aquatic design: fish pond design to trophy fishing pond designs. We are aquatic Biologists who design ponds and lakes utilizing science rather than equipment and pond chemicals.

Fish Pond design by natural fishing pond designers

Natural clear water fish pond design by fisheries and aquatic design Biologists or fish pond and lake designers for landscape pond design and water garden design.

Pond Design

Pond design and ponds with Aquatic Biologists.

We utilize scientific methods to design ponds to look and function naturally as well as minimizepond construction costs and minimize pond maintenance expense. You get the best pond design for the dollar with us. We offer pond design in california, new york, new hampshire, oregon pond design washington, maine, montana, colorado pond designs vermont, pennsylvania, north carolina, virginia, georgia, wisconsin, illinois pond design in indiana.
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Biologists Natural pond design stand out from landscape pond architecture. The difference in the natural pond designs leap out at the viewer because the ponds are designed by aquatic biologists instead of pond design by landscape architects. Pond design goes way beyond what a landscape architect or engineer is experienced with. Some of the most talented landscape architects come to us for pond designs.


Spring Creek is a group of Biologists who design completely natural ponds by employing the subtleties of science to produce ponds and lakes with the highest natural qualities possible. Our pond and lake designs minimize the need for maintenance and eliminate the usual need for equipment, chemicals and filters.

Your pond design is going to dictate not only how your pond will look, but how much work you will need to do in order to maintain it. The design of the pond will also significantly affect the health of any fish in the pond. Pond planning and design is something to carefully consider before rushing in to dig since you will be spending the money and effort to create a body of water that most people hope to enjoy many more hours than the time spent maintaining it.

High quality pond design pays much greater dividends in the larger picture of property value. While a greater investment is likely required for the best pond designers, that investment will pay for itself in two ways: reduced pond construction expense and much greater property value for very natural and beautiful ponds. An average pond is a common commodity with a worth roughly equal to its replacement cost. An exceptional pond is a rare feature that is difficult to duplicate; thus there is a demand which raises property value well beyond the cost of pond construction. Spend some time reading this site in order to plan and design your own pond or lake.

The following pages will assist you to design your pond, stream or lake:

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Spring Creek designs a range of ponds and lakes including:

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Fish Pond Design

Have you ever noticed how many people say fish pond design or fishing pond construction is easy? That is a very relative term when it comes to fish pond design. It is relatively easy to build poorly designed ponds sort of aquarium water garden and then claim it is a " natural fish pond design "... that is unless someone is around who actually designs fish ponds with actual natural methods of pond construction. If you are happy with the fish pond designs that are "easy" then by all means enjoy. If you are really looking for natural fish pond designers who take the time to develop a fish pond architecture that can fool the most ardent critiques, you are on the right path. building lakes demands much more than ponds due to the complexity and cost. Expert consultants in lake construction are uniquely qualified due to our professional experience. It is not our goal to be the designers of every aquatic architecture from an oversized aquarium, water garden to trophy fisheries lakes. We do want to provide for people who truly love the nature of the natural environment to have a resource to gain the most natural designs for their aquatic environment. Look through our ponds gallery for more images to inspire your quest for real estate or lake property sale - lakes land for sales building lakes farm pond construction