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natural ponds: Building ponds and pond design for natural pond construction by Biologists for fishing ponds , fish ponds and farm ponds. Clearing fish pond water for natural clear water ponds without using chemicals or other pond additives. Our knowledge is unique and our pond building techniques are based on high science and low tech. This is why people ask us to build ponds across the US and Canada.
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Who builds the best ponds? Biologists build the best ponds because it is the core of our science. There is so much more to building a natural pond than most pond builders will ever be aware. Pond building has been our career for more than two decades. Pond building is not a fad for us. Building a pond in Oregon with help from true pond experts.

click for a larger map of this lake. A new window will open You have a mental image of your fish pond or fishing pond. We have the experience to exceed your expectations of your fish pond or lake. Our projects appear to be completely natural fish ponds, but they have a very efficient fish pond design to make man-made fish ponds behave and look like wild fish ponds.

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We have an outline for your use to plan and carry out your project with as much or little assistance as you require from us. Look through the PLANNING GUIDE to assist you in developing the best aquatic habitat possible. Be sure to visit our TECHNICAL FAQs page for answers to your important questions.

IN THE NEWS: Our Senior Fishery Biologist was the Technical Advisor for an important new trophy trout fishing book titled: Big Trout .

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Fish Pond Construction

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